Congratulations to Igo students and staff for a job well done!

Kim Miller, Principal of Igo-Ono-Platina and Shasta Elementary School has sent out the “311 Challenge” to all Redding School District Administrators.  Mrs. Miller would like to see other schools get involved, per her message that read.  “Winter will be here before we’re ready, and as you know it can be a hard time of year for many families.  Therefore, Igo School would like to challenge you to help us beat hunger in Redding during the winter months.  Please read the attached letter about our 311 Challenge, then ask your staff and students if they’re willing to step up and help.  Shasta has already decided to accept the challenge, not just to provide 311 cans of food, but to match Igo’s average of 9 cans per student.  Just think how many hungry families could be fed if all our schools met that same goal.  That would be an accomplishment worth talking about!”

Well are you up for the 311 Challenge?