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    LCAP Goal 1:

    In order to offer a broad course of study the District will retain appropriately assigned and fully qualified professionals in a clean, safe and functional environment, offering competitive wages with the support of ongoing professional development that improves the design and delivery of curriculum and assessment of the California State Standards.

    LCAP Goal 2:

    Increase student achievement and decrease any gaps that exist among demographic groups through college and career readiness/pathways, student engagement strategies, up to date technology and improved parent/guardian involvement and communications.

    What is LCAP?

    What is the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)?

    The LCAP is an important component of the LCFF. Under the LCFF all LEAs are required to prepare an LCAP, which describes how they intend to meet annual goals for all pupils, with specific activities to address state and local priorities identified pursuant to EC Section 52060(d).

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    Board Policies Online

    We make our current adopted board policies available online for the public to review.  Please visit this link to access and search these policies.

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